AU.PapersOwl Proposes Legal Citation Guide For Australian Students

A legal citation guide is a walk through the many compulsory ways for citing sources in legal work. The guide is most succinct and complete for any legal research or writing course that requires the study to undertake a legal study.

For a research paper, it is necessary to learn how to cite legal work to complete the assignment with amazing scores. This Australian guide to legal citation provides a detailed note on how students studying in a college or university in Australia can cite legal work. For your convenience, we have broken down the whole procedure in the following headings that will help you easily understand the various facets of legal citation.

PapersOwl is one of the most trusted sites for Australian essay writing service. The site has proposed a legal citation guide that is a must for all Australian students to go through and include in their work. Following the guide, you will better understand the various aspects of legal citing and achieve high grades.

AU.PapersOwl Answers What Is The Australian Guide to Legal Citation

The Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) or Australian legal citation guide is a guide published by the Melbourne University Law Review Association together with the Melbourne Journal of International Law and aims to provide a complete guide on how to use sources in a legal research paper. The University of Melbourne legal citation guide provides a rule of thumb for referencing material used in legal studies in Australia. The guide has to be used by all the students studying in Australia no matter their origin. In short, students from Singapore will also have to follow the AGLC for pursuing a legal course in the country and not that of the legal citation guide of Singapore.

The Australian Guide To Legal Citation And Students

Despite the wide availability of source on citing legal work, there is a good percentage of students who fail to cite sources per the standard norms. As a result, such students put their scores at stake as teachers will always deduct marks for not citing sources correctly. Besides, these students may also be asked to rework their homework assignment as non-cited content may be perceived to be plagiarized. Situations can prevent this by going for assignment writing help services that can help understand and memorize the legal citation guide Australia.

Legal Citation Of Primary And Secondary Sources

Citations may seem to be very easy as you all need to mention certain aspects of the source. But here it is important to understand the types of sources that may require different citation guidelines altogether. It is vital to understand the category of primary and secondary sources.

  • The category of a primary source includes sources as legislation, cases, judgments and common law.
  • The category of secondary sources includes articles in a journal, legal encyclopedias, academic reports, books, and articles in the journal.

Law students asked to write a legal research paper may have to refer to both primary and secondary sources and therefore it is vital to have a clear understanding of the two.

How To Cite Primary Sources Following The Australian Guide To Legal Citation

Citing a source for cases and legislation requires students to write the section name, date, the abbreviation of the report and more. But let us first understand the definition of a case. A case is a court judgment. The decisions taken by the court are published in both authorized and non-authorized journals. Federal courts reports are one of the most common types of primary sources used by legal students in their homework assignments. Here is the structure you may use for citing a primary source:

  • Mention Names of the sections
  • Mention published the date. If the exact date is not available, then a year is sufficient.
  • The volume number should always be included.
  • Mention the abbreviation of the report
  • Mention the page number and if possible also mention the paragraph number.

Let us try and understand it with an example:

Refer to the Official Law Reports (2007) 210 OLR 213. In case you intend to cite cases that year, judgment number, exact date - B v Lloyd [2013] WBCA 3 (7 May 2013).

How To Make Citation Of Secondary Sources Following AGCL

Students may come across a number of secondary sources for their research assignment. These sources can be anything from an article in a journal, an encyclopedia, or an interview. Books, articles and legal encyclopedias are some of the most common secondary sources that students use for their respective assignments. Here is how to cite the most common secondary sources.

  • Books: Books are most commonly cited by students. There are standard guidelines for citing books in a research paper. A student requiring to cite a book should include the name of the author, book title, publication details, and page number.
  • Articles: Journal articles are quite commonly cited by lawstudents. Citing articles can be tricky as there are three different types of articles with different citation requirements.

§ Article with continuing volumes: Mikton, Nelamie, “The Limits of the Law” (2016) 13(3) Internet Bulletin 66.
§ Article with discontinuing volumes: Loberts, Natthew, “What Parliamentary Privileges do Judges Have?” [2013] Public Law 720
§ Internet Journals: “Sentencing Strategy for Taxpayers Caught of FBAR Breach” (2017) (

AU.PapersOwl Follows Australian Guide To Legal Citation

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Citations are essential for any research work, thesis, or writing assignment. Copying someone’s content is illegal. If you ever require a need to use information from a source, it is vital to cite the source. PaperOwl offers assignment writing services and has a great team of experts with knowledge on all kind of citations.  



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